Our services are focused on consulting and management, as much in the fiscal field as in the commercial, accounting or economic. We offer a wide range of services which cover the needs of a corporate person or freelance professionals, just as the firms, no matter their dimensions.

We offer our clients fiscal consultancy and we process their obligations within the Administration.

  • Advice when starting new activities.
  • Census and Economic Activities Tax registers and removals.
  • Autonomous Register and deregister.
  • Calculation and execution of all kinds of tax settlements and self settlement, such as:
    • Corporation Tax.
    • Income Tax.
    • Due for Personal Income Tax (Annual Tax Return).
    • Property Tax.
    • Income Tax for non residents.
    • Inheritance Tax.
    • Legacy and donations.
    • Patrimonial Transmission Tax and Documented Legal Acts.
    • Statements derived from intercommunity transactions (Intrastat).
    • Special taxes (Electricity, etc.).
    • Informative statements (model 347, 349 etc.).
    • Census and Economic Activities Tax registers and removals.
  • Attention and defence of the taxpayer in the checking proceedings of tax management and inspection, requirements, “parallel”, as much from the State Tax Administration Agency as the local or autonomic administration (Generalitat).
  • Consultancy and defence for the taxpayer in terms of Collection (postponements, seizes, etc.).
  • Settlement of the tax relating to Tourist Establishment Stays (Tourist tax).
  • Consultancy and advice about the different fiscal rules, such as Objective Estimation (“modules”), Direct Estimation, etc.
  • Elaboration in our bureau or in the company HQ of the obligatory register books depending on the activity (Incomes/ expenses, output/input VAT.).
  • Consultancy, creation and presentation of the annual statements of properties abroad.
  • Obtaining electronic certificates and digital signature.
  • Safekeeping and revision of electronic mailbox notifications.
  • Assistance and defence in tax management procedures (census, penalties, surcharges…).
  • Allegations and appeals (reinstatement, Administrative Economic Court, error rectifications, wrongful incomes refund, etc.).

We offer the following services:

  • Setting up of all kinds of entities and companies (Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, Community Property, etc.)
  • Elaborations and legalization of the obligatory books (minutes, partners, actions, etc.).
  • Statute modifications, powers, General Assembly agreements, etc.
  • Formulations and deposit of Annual Accounts.
  • Dissolutions and liquidations of companies and other entities.
  • Design of company structures.
  • Partnership groups- fiscal consolidation.
  • Consultancy in tender or receivership situations.
  • Fusions – Demergers
  • Coordination with auditors.
  • Elaboration of accounts, whether in our bureau or in the company HQ.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Assistance and supervision of account closing in external accounts.
  • Comprehensive and personalized Consultancy depending on each company needs.

We offer our clients global support in the management of their business or patrimonies which includes anything from projects to judgement on consultancy in leasing or buying and selling.

  • Intermediation with financial entities services.
  • Processing of all types of subsidies.
  • Elaboration of projects about business viability.
  • Analysis of investment projects.
  • Processing brand registers.
  • Expert judgements.
  • Planning of business succession.
  • Transmission of companies and business.
  • Buying and selling.
  • Leasing contracts (rental).
  • Patrimony Consultancy.
  • Obtaining of criminal record certificate.