A firm created in 1981 by Francesc Albacar Baró, in a moment of deep fiscal changes, providing service to people and business, and which hasn’t stopped growing. Quickly becoming a consolidated and prestigious consultancy bureau.


We form a team of qualified specialists with a wide experience and in continuous training.


In Albacar Assessors we base our standards on customer service. By staying loyal to our founder’s heritage, we emphasize the service and the professionality, being aware that we help people, that’s why we take close care of the client.


From the start our services have been focused on fiscal, economic, accounting and commercial areas. Our specialisation allows us offer a high quality in our services.

We offer our clients fiscal consultancy and we process their requirements within the Administration.

We advice and manage the creation of companies, mergers, acquisitions…

We help companies design strategies in the workplace that help minimize conflict with workers, as well as processing all types of employment contracts.

We give our clients global support in managing their business or patrimonies which includes anything from projects or judgements to consultancy in leasings or buying and selling.

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